Management consulting and software development

with industry knowledge, predictable expense, and predictable outcome.

We advise leaders on industry specific, IT driven innovation, and we supply the development resources to make it happen.

Team as a Service

The flexible, fixed-cost enhancement of your existing IT organization. Tailored to your need. Trained and often with working knowledge of your industry, your culture and work-ethics.

Project as a Service

The short-cut from idea to realization when in need of custom software development. Get your project team up and running in a minimum of time.

Quality as a Service

Peace of mind, even after delivery. Let us handle support and maintenance, so you may stay focused on your next step forward.

Management Consulting

With deep industry knowledge in IT for publishing, logistics, recruitment, retail, offshoring, and outsourcing, we love to see companies grow and evolve, using innovative IT and smart collaboration.